Possible CIS conflict with Windows defender?

I had been using CIS 3.5 before updating to CIS 3.8. Never had a single problem with CIS 3.5

However since using CIS 3.8 I’ve had perodic blue screen crashes, the last happened just this morning though it was recoverable. It usually didn’t and required me to reinstall Vista.

I noticed that last night there were 2 windows update being done
One is an update for IE 8 and the other a definition update dor windows defender.

when I look at windows defender setting there’s the option always update before scanning and heuristic detection was enabled.

I suspected this might be the culprit that CIS somehow conflicts with windows defender.

before this morning bluescreen windows crash, I just installed Vista exactly 1 week ago :-[

Perhaps this is something that COMODO should look at into…

Just for information only, I have never disabled Windows Defender. I have never experienced issues with updating or scanning. Vista Ultimate x64.

Informational Only: I have had Windows Defender and IE8 with CIS 3.8 and CIS 3.9. No conflicts experienced here with update or scanning.
Vista Home Premium SP1 32 Bit

I’m having recurring bluescreen crashes with Vista Home Premium x64. usually followed with all COMODO application app not being able to be executed. The bluescreen is reporting registry error.

I don’t know what’s causing it.

try uninstalling then install the latest .496 release candidate.

This application known as safe.
Not might be confilct.

Ps. I’ve turn off Windows Defender and use Ad-Aware AE, It have Realtime Scan.

At Micheal. If it took a week to Blue Screen then it is highly unlikely that Defender would be the cause as it is enabled by default when installing.

Regarding Ad Ware a word of caution. I was doing maintenance on my Vista install last night and found it responded sluggish with needless peaks of CPU usage. I uninstalled Ad Aware Free Anniversary Edition, as I remember I didn’t really like it, and it got Vista back to its normal responsiveness.

I’m using Windows Vista with Ad-Aware AE but everything works fine.