Possible CCE False Positive

I am reporting this false positive for another user.

CCE detects “C:\windows\system32\mfc45.dat” as Heur.Corrupt.PE[at]4294967295
SHA256: fd2432803a16c6dad16f86b29d19c240841f7080daed48cc71487a81ea8d77d4
SHA1: 86aa7a516cd9c792f276101c52db2a0492a30815
MD5: 9e874fc02c234b3fb65134dc1f8dcf2c

Can you please check it?



Thanks for reporting.
Could you please submit the detected file at
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Best regards

The user was unable to upload using the submission site

Waait… what is mfc45.dat supposed to be? I had a randomly named folder on my unused hard-drive, in it was “mfc45.exe” and “mfc45-p.dat” were these legit files? Either way I didn’t know them and don’t trust them to be on my hard-drive that isn’t used, they didn’t have any signatures or copy-right things either so i deleted it with secure deletion.
edit: it was in the root direction of my unused hard-drive, so it was not in system32.

Posting this here per Chiron’s request. :slight_smile:

It was made with 7zip… (lol, I figured it out. - I think. :embarassed:) The program’s help pages weren’t much…

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i submitted the file