Possible bug


Using Comodo Firewall, free AVG, and portable Thunderbird, there seems to be a bug.

When portable Thunderbird accesses the server to check for emails, AVG has an email scanner, which even if turned off, seeks to scan for viruses but gets caught in a loop of failed attempts when the firewall is Comodo.

I then need to shutdown AVG.

This problem does not exist with free Sygate and I can even have the AVG email scanner turned on.

I have a choice in firewalls but not in anti virus. I wish to run AVG. (The Comodo anti-virus isn’t ready to replace AVG in my view and the interface of Avast is poorly designed).

I am presently using free Sygate but will switch back to Comodo if the problem can be solved.


I think this is a know issue (it’s in the FAQs somewhere). Anyway, I believe you need to set AVGs email scanner (avgemc.exe?) to “Skip advanced security checks” in the CPFs Application Monitor.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind the next time I reinstall Comodo Firewall.

I am using Comodo again and just allowed 3 AVG processes to “Skip advanced security checks”.

I’ll post if I encounter a problem. I hope this issue can be addressed in a future release of Comodo Firewall.