Possible bug - trusted zone

After changing my trusted zone (by restricting the ip range), this doesn’t seem to get picked up in the details given in the network control rule until the rule is opened and then closed again. Is it just the description that is wrong, or is the changed rule not being implimented?

Hey Henry,

I believe that there is a period (of unknown duration) in between when you modify a rule and when the modified rule becomes active. It seems to be around 1-2 minutes. I assume that it is not made immediately effective in case an operation was using the previous rule and changing immediately would render the currently underway operation invalid (makes sense to me, anyway).

Opening and closing the rule seems to enforce the changed settings, though.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I can’t be definite, but I think it was substantially more than a few minutes.

Unfortunately, I can confirm this :(. The changes are not applied even after reboot! I have to manualy open/close every Network monitor rule to apply the changes in Trusted zone range.
I don’t know what version of CPF you’re running, I have the latest,

If you try to put it to “allow all” for a few seconds, and then put it back to “custom”, does the rules for your trusted zone apply the changes then?

No, they don’t :(. I still have to manualy open/close each network rule for changes to take effect.
I’ve waited more than a minute…

It didn’t work for me either… ;D
It did with a previous beta though… :o

The same problem still remains after upgrading to 2.4.