Possible Bug [RESOLVED]

For no reason in particular, I decided to block an arbitrary netrange with Comodo (e.g., - Worked perfectly while logged in as ‘Admin’.

Logged out (no ‘fast user switching’) as Admin and in as a ‘Restricted/Limited User’. I was able to access the blocked netrange with no problem and no warning.

Is this peculiar to my configuration or is my install of the latest beta ■■■■■’ed? :cry:

WinXP Pro SP2, Firefox


User account should not matter. How did you block?

I created a rule in ‘network monitor’. Blocked IP in/out to “any” in netrange x.x.x.x, and then moved it above all ‘allow’ rules.

Nevermind. No problems here.

Possible explanation for the (non) problem. I installed two extensions to Firefox plus installed Ewido Antimalware but did not reboot after installation.

I just rebooted and I don’t have a problem with Comodo anymore. Sorry for wasting any and everyone’s time.



I believe this thread can be marked Resolved. :slight_smile: Moderators…

Yours truly,

Got it…