Possible bug? Need info!

Hello all Under Firewall/View Active Connections Alg.exe and AVG arent listening anymore… but they had been listening before!? Now im only seeing svchost.exe listening on port 53 but what has happened with Alg.exe and AVG av? Why have they dissapeard from View Active Connections? Could this be a bug? Everytime i reinstall CPF 3.0 they are listening for about a few hours and then they just dissapear?

Which OS and CFP3 version are you using? Does it show that ALG and AVG are listening for TCP connections? Are you using AVG for real time scanning? My listeners are more persistent that that in the Active Connection display, but they are in use regularly. Could be declared inactive after some period. To see what is really listening, go to a command prompt and type “netstat -a” without the quotes. And compare to “netstat -b”. For an explanation type “netstat help”.

TCP Viewer is also a handy tool for seeing what is listening or established etc. I have found that CFP shows things as listening long after TCP viewer no longer shows them.


TCPView is very handy for showing the dynamics of the connection process. They all seem to take a slightly different view of what is “active”. :wink:

Hi Guys i was running…Now im using the latest version and still ALG.exe and avgemc.exe arent listening!? OS XP SP2 32-bit/AVG av real-time

CMD/is showing me the same results as TCP Viewer ALG.exe listens on TCP port 1028 avgemc.exe listens on TCP port 10110

Note: When i type netstat -a ALG.exe and avgemc.exe are listening on ports TCP 1028 10110 but when i type netstat -b there is no connections shown of any type/TCPViewer shows that they are listening on Local Address not Remote Address