Possible bug in new version ([resolved]

I did a clean install today of the new version
Firewall security level - Train with safe mode
Defense+ security level - Train with safe mode
WinXP Home Sp2, Celeron CPU 2.66GHz, 768MB RAM

Install went smoothly and everything seems to be working as expected except I’m a little unsure about the “My pending files” section in Defence+. In the last version ( I quickly clocked up alot of unrecognized files under the Proactive Defense files waiting for your review section which I could lookup, move to quarantine or my safe files, or submit to comodo. This time however, after running Defense+ all day - I still have no unrecognized files waiting for review…even after running a few apps for which popups have declared were unrecognized, some of these progs were not very common apps and I would be very suprised if they were already on the safe list.
This may not be a bug - possibly comodos safe list has grown considerably since the last version but I have a feeling that something is not quite right.

Seems there isn’t a problem after all - just went to Windows Update and installed a couple of updates in install Mode, after restarting my PC I have 292 files waiting for review!
So I guess everything is working as it should - good work on the safe list Comodo!

Could it be that CFP remembered some of the apps I ran on the old version and that’s why it didn’t bother putting them in the files for review?

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