Possible bug discovered in CPF3.

To make a long story short, shifting my small lan from CPF2.4 to version 3 was not exactly the pleasant
experience I had hoped it would be. And after 24 hours of complete frustration trial and error with numerous complete clean reinstalls of CPF3, the CPF3 on the host computer suddenly quit blocking the internet access of the client computer on the network. So problem solved hopefully.

Although its far from a totally definitive PROOF, as far as I can see, the CURE was accomplished by deleting the log files of what the CPF3 firewall perceived as attacks but were really requests from the client computer to connect to the host.

Only AFTER those past log files were deleted did the network suddenly started working the way it was supposed to. No pop up messages or anything else, the host computer just suddenly quit blocking the client computer’s internet access with NO OTHER CONFIGURATION CHANGES.

Which means that if I am right, its a giant HUH???
Logging an attack is supposed to be an after the fact problem log of past and future attacks and not the DEFINITION OF WHAT AN ATTACK IS.

Please add more information about your configuration. Your running softwares. What Log did you refer in your post?

I have been trying to again find out where I found and deleted the logs. But no matter, the fix only lasted 30 minutes before it crashed again.

At this point, I am checking see if this is a windows rather than comodo problem.