possible bug.. Avira and Comodo


I’ve recently installed Avira Antivirus Premium edition and it seems to have some problems with Comodo.
Comodo always prompts me when Avira tries to connect to the internet to download updates automatically even if it is set to be Allowed everytime. I’ve noticed that if I don’t click that warning window Avira downloads updates without problems… What can I do ?

Hi pykko.

When you receive the prompt from cfp, are you checking the remember box, as well as the allow option?


yes, I do check them. :wink: That’s why I’m confused… it shouldn’t appear again after that, isn’t it ?

If you go to Application Monitor, do you see a rule(s) for Avira. If so what does it/they say?


well… it seems the problem is solved. I Edited that rule and I checked: “Learn the parent” . It get prompted me once, and then everything is fine. Now Avira updates fine and smooth. :smiley: Thanks for help. If there is anything wrong I’ll write here. :slight_smile: