Possible buffer overflow attack-explorer.exe

I know this topic is probably really overdone on these forums but I just want to make sure everything is alright with my system. Last night I was installing Sims 3 and its expansions on my laptop and while the base game was fine, once I was done installing the World Adventures EP the alert popped up with the possible attack. I was trying to decide what I was supposed to do and it timed-out on me :frowning: No problems since then except Comodo won’t let me exit out of any if it’s windows using the taskbar and will show up as a blocked intrusion. I’ve also since run MalwareBytes and found nothing.

Now, I’m probably going off topic a little here so forgive me but I wonder if it has something to do with it. My comodo logs have a few events in them but most of it is just from installing needed programs and it just happens to stomp into the path of D+. One thing does worry me that perhaps some sort of exploit has been opened up, my husband had twice used his Fruity Loops (music program) on my computer and D+ really doesn’t seem to like it and on the events log it shows FL as having repeatedly tried to modify a key in HKUS\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Microsoft\Windows\Shell. Is the program just trying to run or is this possibly related to the current issue?

Anyways, thanks to anyone reading my long post and hopefully I make sense enough for someone to give me some input.

I also forgot to mention that I have my security settings pretty much as high as they can go, if that helps.

If you want more time to respond to pop-ups, you can adjust the time (in seconds) by going into the ‘setting’ area of the AV, firewall and D+. The default timer is set to 120 seconds.
I have mine set to 999 seconds…which is like 16 minutes. ;D

Also, I think that when a program is making a change to the ‘shell’ it’s adding to your ‘right-click’ options.
Not sure why Fruity Loops would need to do this.

Thanks for the answer on how to change that.

So, I’ve established for certain that it’s after I finish installing the EPs and close the window the issue comes up with the buffer. I’ve been skipping it now each time but would anybody have any idea whatsoever if there’s code in the game making my computer vulnerable? I sort of doubt there are many Sims players here but I’m wondering if anyone has heard anything…I’m kind of paranoid about stuff like this because I’ve had to have my laptop wiped once and that’s quite enough thankyouverymuch.

The alert warns that your system is vulnerable because of a buffer overflow attack. It does not mean it is necesarrily under attack.

When you downloaded the EP version from reputable source which you trust to be virus free you can choose to skip the alert each time it comes up after closing down the program.

In this particular case, because it concerns explorer.exe, I would not advice to to let CIS remember to skip the next time it happens. I want to prevent that when another process triggers the BO it will be skipped.

Oh yeah, I don’t plan on clicking the box allowing it to always be skipped. Thank you for your time and help Eric :slight_smile: