Possible Ban

Hello all,i was just on my way home from work(rewiring a kitchen) when it came over on the news that the British government where going to ban people from using the internet if they where found to be downloading films or music and the like without proper authorisation.Now i dont want this to be an anti establishment post,but was wondering if this could actually be achieved?
Does anyone have any thoughts on this proposed action, i mean how could they know who is downloading what and where.Is this just hot air being blown to appease the media industry or are there other parts of the world looking at going down this road.I admit to downloading a few albums here and there but surely there are bigger fish in the internet community to fry(ie identity theft etc etc)

Cheers Matty

PS(MODS)if this post is unappropriate feel free to erase it.

Same question evoked in France, and it is very easy to realize:
through the ISP, or still simplest through the p2p softwares, every single one being a nest of spywares.

Now, downloading just a song or 1000 movies is just the same: illegal.

One might think the “big fishes” shall be caught first, but you know as i do that it remains illegal just for one song: either we don’t do it, either we do but have no right to complain if we get caught.

That won’t keep the music and movie industry to fall a little more everyday: i read somewhere that the “solution” would maybe be “fifty-fifty”, with paying but far less expensive downloading.