Possibilty of taking control over the system by Comodo ?

Hi, my name is Paul and it’s my first topic. Im Polish, so at the beginning, I’d like to apologise for my improper language. Here’s the case:
Two days ago, I bought an Asus notebook: X53SV. At this occasion, I decided to change Avast AV (used it on old pc) and try Comodo CIS, as it has a good recommendation. I installed it today and configured as same as on this www: http://comodo.andgird.webd.pl/
Firstly, it worked fine. There were some alerts either, but I read it’s fine after program installation. After then, I shut down the pc and turn it again later. First stragne thing was that, I couldn’t use an Iobit uninstaller, as the system notified me, that I don’t own an administrator rights. It was impossible so I try to look at comodo’s settings, but I can’t. There is an Comodo’s logo at the tray, but clicking it changes nothing. It doesn’t react. A bit confused, I decided to enter the emergency system profile and uninstall program. Even in that system, I don’t own a perrmision to do this. At last, I come back to the normal Windows 7 profile to try anything and I’m in the dead end. I can’t shout down computer in normal way, cause I don’t own an administator acess ( it’s insane, I’m the only user of this pc), I can’t use an msconfig or regedit, can’t eneter the control panel.
If You like to help my in any way, I will be very thankful. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t judge the Comodo but I don’t see any other option of causing this fault. Thank You for any replay.

*) I succeed in entering to Task Manager and used the Internet
**) Comodo has just been removed from pc and the system looks fine. I entered to the Iobit Uninstaller from Task Manager and uninstall the CIS. I don’t know, what is the cause of that crash. I suppose that my computer skills are not good enough to use this program safely.
Best regards, Paul

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That is a problem you had right there.

I checked the web site and from what I saw in the images it sets CIS to Proactive Security Mode and D+ to Paranoid Mode. Paranoid Mode is only for people who are technically very aware and want absolute control over their system. Paranoid Mode will confront the user with decisions that can seriously impact his computer as you have noticed.

You can safely use CIS with the default settings. I hope this event did not shy you away from CIS. Best thing for most users to do is to use the default Internet Security configuration or go one step up to Proactive Security configuration. Leave D+ in Safe Mode in both configurations.

What security program is installed on your notebook? Did you uninstall it before installing CIS? When you uninstalled it also run the clean up tool for that program just to be on the safe side. You can find a list of cleanup tools here: ESET Knowledgebase .

Let us know if you have anymore questions.

If you install it again I would recommend that you follow the advice I give here, although the article is in English.

And yes, it does seem that that page gives bad advice for how to configure it. Please try my advice and see if it’s more user friendly.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

Hi EricJH. I agree, it’s a very good hint. To find more clues which can solve the problem, I created two same topics, one at the Polish sub board and another at international one. Two heads are better than one, and by now only You and Chiron have given replies. I didn’t leave CIS with it’s default settings as I read through the some polish pc sites, that it should be configured properly, if user wants the Best security and simultaneously the highest flow. I don’t want to lie and to be honest, I try to run CIS on second, older pc which is going to retire in a days. If the program works correctly, I will install it on the notebook again. By now, I use Avast with Online Armor (originally, I thought about Avast + Comodo Firewall, but found in the Internet, that there is a problem with this combination).
Before CIS I had and basic version of Avast and removed it with Windows application. Probably, there were some leavings but I didn’t checked the regedit. However, if this could be the major cause, I guess the CIS didn’t run from the beginning. Without a doubt, Your link is very useful and I will take it in mind before next uninstallation. Thanks a lot EricJH, I will inquire if another problem happens.

Hi Chiron. This time, I will follow reliable sources before CIS installation. I’m going to try it on older pc. I will reinstall it on my notebook if everything works fine. Thanks a lot for that link and Your help.

Have a nice day, Paul.