possibility to block an IP from the firewall events with the right clic.

I installed the new comodo 5.8 since 3 days and i see actually that i allready got 9000 intrusions that have been blocked by the firewall. that’s not cause of the new version, i always have a huge amount of intrusions blocked by the firewall.
to prevent this permanent scan, my only way is to connect to a VPN that is NAT firewalled.
when i’m connected to this firewalled VPN, comodo blocks maybe less than 10 intrusions a day,
big difference :wink:
they scan always the same ports, certainly some trojan that is configured by default with those ports.
SO, that is my wish for the next comodo Firewall,
I would like the possibility to block an ip that is stored in the firewall events with a right clic.
right clic : block this ip.
so it would automatically create a rule that block any traffic with the ip concerned.
that would be great :wink: