Possiable False Positive?

Yes I have been getting a virus dection by COMODO and I can’t install the Game I want because it seems to need this file and COMOD just ends up Qurantining it I know I could safe file it but I really want to find out if it is worrth the while and this wait or not I just want to submit it but I’m having no luck here so can someone point me in the right area to submit this kind of file and plus it won’t let me touch it because this file has no security tab only tab it does have is general so its going to be hard to rar or zip such a file :S ??? PLZ Someone help

Moved. It sounds like you found a false positive so I moved your topic to the appropriate board.
To successfully install the game remove the file from quarantine and add it to your exclusions once CIS pops up again.

Please follow How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting ! guideline to report your f/p. Within a day you should have reply to whether it was a f/p or not. If it gets ruled a f/p it will be told with which av database it will be fixed.