Possable to trust a folder and subfolders?

Hello there,

I have a question related to Comodo Firewall V4.1.150349.920 (64-bit).

I dabble in a little bit of development and have a folder where all my projects live. Comodo Firewall is (quite rightly) poping up with warnings about programs that I build and run from subfolders within the projects folder. Is it possable to tell the firewall/defenct+ to ignore any executeables/dlls within the folder and subfolders?

I know I could just lower the settings to prevent popup warnings alltogether, but that would kind of defeat the point of using the software. I also know that I could purchase a code signing certificate and make sure that all my code was digitally signed, but since I’ve yet to write something I’d want to release, I find it hard to justify the cost.

My thanks to anyone who take the time to respond.


Welcome to the Forum, Drum.

In Defense+ /Trusted Files, you can add folders and subfolders. Select the folder you wish to make Trusted, and check the box to add subfolders.

This doesn’t work for me. The chosen directory never appears in the list.

Have you tried the latest CIS?