Position of pop-up (alert) window is not remembered by Comodo Firewall

Comodo firewall does NOT remember position of pop-up (alert, or notification) window “app.exe is trying to connect to internet”. I re-position the window into convenient for me on the desktop place, but next time the popup window pops up in “default”, inconvenient to me location. This happens on any clean Window installation machine such as Windows 7, 32-bit: there is nothing installed on Windows except Comodo Firewall. No anti-virus, no other applications are installed. Only Comodo Firewall (version 6 or 7) is installed on clean Windows.
This is very easy to fix. The code must be implemented to remember the pop-up window’s position so that all or any future pop-up windows pop-up in that place where I placed my previous pop-up window, as follows:
a) before the pop-up window “xxx.exe is trying to connect to internet” disappears because timers expire or when user makes it go away, or if window is moved by user: remember the position of window (save position in variables).
b) next time the pop-up is scheduled to happen, use the values of those variables to position new pop-up windows.
That’s it.

I believe this issue has already been submitted, and forwarded to the devs. The report can be found here.

Do you believe that this previous report adequately reflects the issue you are experiencing?


Yes, I found this issue where you suggested it was posted. Just in case, I added, re-iterated and explained why this is NOT “enhancement” but a serious FUNCTIONALITY deficiency.

Thank you. I do hope that this is fixed soon as it is definitely a very large problem.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I will now move this report to Resolved, as this issue has already been reported elsewhere.

Thank you.