Posible solution for CIS crashing the whole PC.

I have finally completed a full computer scan with CIS for the first time ever without the computer freezing. As an experiment I turned off DEP on my PC, rebooted and run a scan and it worked. I may experiment more when I have time.

Can other people whose whole PC locks up running CIS try turning off DEP. (I set it to Windows components only) and see if this is the problem. Do other people with this problem have DEP turned on for all applications?

I can confirm that this appears to have cured the problem for me. I got two good full scans with DEP off. I then turned DEP back an and the whole computer froze when I did a full scan. I then excluded just cmdagent from DEP and the scan worked again.

It looks like there is a bug in cmdagent that makes it crash when DEP is turned on. I hope this helps the developers fix the problem. Lots of people are having a similar crash.

I can confirm this BUG on a VISTA SP1 machine… Has not done as excessive testing as tcarrbrion… but it happend twice when I did a scan with DEP enabled had to restart. The PC freezes after a while when doing a system virus scan with CAVS and did not complete… BUT when deactivating DEP for all applications the scan went perfectly fine no system freeze or such! :-TU :-TU

Thank you very much for the report guys. It proved very valuable and we fixed the issue. Well done.


This only seems to be the solution for Vista. What about XP? For me on XP it locks up with or without DEP.

Did you post this already somewhere, if not can you create a new help request and PM me with the link.
Please tell us a bit about your setup, how you can how much files, much zip in zip files etc ?

Have you tried to pin-point the problem to a specific folder by testing with the context-menu scanner folder by folder, for example only scan c:\program files does that lock up also ?

Here’s a thread with many reports of lockups while scanning c:\windows\system32\drivers:


I am not quite sure if you guys have the same problem but when I enable D+ (I have disabled AV, Avast does the job for now) my system hangs. It’s like CIS stops the whole system everything else freezes and only mouse pointer moves, no respond to any button. I have to reset my system when that occurs. That has happened after launching programs (PSP9, MeGUI to name a few) and D+ mesasge popped up and I allowed the program but after that system freezed like I described above. I am using Vista x64.

Yep I concur with this…I just tried the suggestion about the DEP on my mothers XP com and it still locks up :frowning:

What’s your is your security profile ? Internet Security of ProActive Security ?
What happens if you run it a day with D+ set to Training mode ?

If you say “D+ Disabled” is that the security level, or do you have to use “Deactivate the D+ Permanently” ?