portscan detection - can I exempt IPs or disable it altogether?

Hi, new to Comodo FW, but reasonably technical…

I have an HP All-In-One printer/scanner/fax machine that is network connected to my HOME LAN ( I’m behind a DSL router. Anyway, the printer does a UDP portscan periodically, and I see in the logs that “the attacker has been temporarily blocked”; the “Attacker” is the IP of the printer. I’ve defined “Home LAN” as a trusted network, set the portscan probe rate to 500 and blocking duration to 1 minute. But, I’d like to exempt my printer’s IP from portscan detection altogether, and failing that, disable all port scan detection.

I’ve searched the Helpfiles, Forums and KBs to no avail. How do I do this?


Anyone? Was this fixed perhaps in ???


try adding the following network rule:

Action: Allow
Protocol: UDP
Direction: In
Destination IP: YOUR IP
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: Any