Portscan detected and connection blocked with NAV !!

I just installed Comodo and am getting the message that my Norton worm protection detected an intrusion & blocked my connection - for 30 minutes. That is was a “portscan” intrusion. I have to reboot the PC in order to try again. And the intruder is always

I tried dozens of times to get my email via IE and was blocked everytime except once. I’ve also tried several browsers (IE, Firefox, Mozilla). Usually they work, but at least 25% of the time I get the same Norton message. I am using NAV only, not their suite. And Windows firewall is off.

If I turn off Comodo everything works just fine (and turn on Windows XP firewall for some protection). While I did have other issues with Zone Alarm, I never had my connection blocked like this. In fact right now I have Comodo turned off.

So what is Comodo doing? And how do I correct it?

ps - I apoligize for the duplicate posting as this is also in Sygate thread because I searched & found the portscan problem mentioned there.