I added Bittorrent to comodo firewall.Sometimes there is green icon,but still sometimes at the bottom in bittorent,there’s a red icon that says “Not connectable a firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. You need to open up a port so others can connect to you”.

Still what can block torrent other than a firewall ?
Can antivirus block it ? I have avast.It doesn’t seem like, it is blocking it.

In some of the rules for adding Bittorrent to firewall,it was mentioned as — Port Range: (Start port = 1025 / End port = 65535)

I did that same.So, from 1025 to 65535, no ports is used by my pc ?
How i can find it ?

Is it normal for any pc to have ports 1025 to 65535 unused by default ?

Torrent clients only need 1 port open for incoming connections, that port is usually specified somewhere in torrent client’s settings. If there is a setting to the effect of “randomize port at each start” uncheck that option.

So you need to allow incoming connections on that (destination) port in global rules (unless global rules are empty) as well as for actual client in application rules, and allow all outgoing connections for the client in application rules. Also, make sure windows firewall is off.

I’m not sure if Avast has a firewall component, but if it has - disable it.