Ports always in stealth mode

I need to open some ports. Speciifically I want to open 6667.

I have used the Stealth Ports Wizard etc but still any port I try and open stays stealthed. I have even uninstalled Comodo completely and that did nothing.

I currently have just the Firewall installed.

I have turned my router firewall off and even put the computer in the DMZ but still I can’t get any ports open.

What can I do about this as I am tired of it. I had no such problems before I installed Comodo.


Hi GreenShadow, welcome to the forums.

It would be useful to know what version of CIS you have, what is going to use port 6667 (and in what way; direction & protocol), and what the Stealth Ports Wizard was told to do, since they impact the answer.

But, in simple terms (without knowing anything, so the answer could easily be wrong) you need to create a rule in Global Rules (usually at the top to avoid any blocking rules) that looks something like this (assuming UDP inbound)…

Allow - UDP In - Source Addr: Any - Destination Addr: you - Source-Port: Any - Destination Port: 6667

However, usually this type of thing is handled at an application level (Application Rules). This is settings dependent - I’m assuming you’re in Custom Policy Mode and the Alert Level is High or Very High, working with individual ports. But, the Stealth Ports Wizard can easily change/undo all that.