Ports 21-23-80 open

Hi, I have spent ShielsUp and tells me that ports 21-23 and 80 are open, how can I put these ports as invisible or closed? Thanks.

Comodo 3.10.102363.532

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Have you tried the stealth ports wizard under firewall - common tasks?

Hi Kersti.

Are you using a router, if so, shields-up is actually reading your router ports and not CIS.

Hey, if I tried to stealth ports, if I'm using router, what concerns me is that: securitymetrics.com, internautas.org, tells me that these ports are closed, the problem Who can I trust? thanks 


There is a difference between closed ports and stealthed ports. A steralthed port is effectively hidden to the outside by the firewall and is extremely difficult to tell if it’s available or not. A closed port is visible but reports that nothing is actually running when probed.

I can’t say why you are seeing different results from the different scanners, I ran the tests and I get the same results from each of them.

Are you using a router, also did you run the stealth ports wizard?

try running the tests at PC Flank : Make sure you’re protected on all sides.

Hello, impossible to test.

IP Address test

The test has found that the IP address used by your computer cannot be scanned. This commonly occurs because of a firewall program on your computer and/or you are connected to the Internet through a proxy-server or your ISP uses Network Address Translation (NAT) to share IP addresses.

This means the test cannot check your system as the results of the testing would be incorrect.