Ports 21,23 & 80 are open the rest are closed and not stealthed [RESOLVED]

I have just installed Comodo Firewall after hearing so much about it.
According to scans from “Shields UP” and “PC Flank Tests”
Ports 21,23 & 80 are open the rest are all closed; no ports are stealthed.
I am not sharing a network, it’s just me and my computer, I am not behind a router nor am I on a LAN,
just plain DSL with modem sitting beside me. Windows XP Pro and IE7.
I installed CPF in the default mode (automatic) rebooted;
then ran the “Scan for known applications” rebooted; all this as set forth in the tutorial for correct installation.
Additionally, concerning port 23 (Telnet); the Windows service for this item is disabled.
I have allowed:
Avast (antivirus)
AdMuncher (pop-up and ad blocker)
eDexter (a program that acts as a local-only (it is not accessible throught the Internet) HTTP server on a computer.
It is used to replace the empty boxes that occur when you use the Hosts file to block ads (MVPS Hosts).

Appreciate your comments.

What brand and model of modem do you have? Some modems operate in a router-like state.

Ewen :slight_smile:

The brand is: ZyXEL and the model is the Prestige 600 series (P-660R Compact Series).

Thanks for your reply.

From XyXEL’s product-page :

ZyXEL's P-660R Compact Series is the next generation of compact routers
So, you do have a router and it was your router, not your computer, that was scanned ..

Thanks for your quick reply.

Sorry, but I hadn’t the faintest idea that I was behind a router, I did check with my Internet provider sometime ago about security, but he never mentioned that I was behind a router, what’s more he suggested I get a good anti-virus and firewall. However, I’ll get back to him shortly.

In the meantime, can I safely surmise that my PC is adequately protected?
The opened and closed ports was not my PC broadcasting but the router?

Thank you again.