Ports 1032 and 1034

I have just installed the latest build of Comodo Firewall ( and ran both the ShieldsUp and PCFlank tests. Both have failed stating that ports 1032 and 1034 are closed but not stealthed. I’m not running a router and have also tried other firewalls e.g. ZoneAlarm which give me a perfect stealth rating.
Anybody have a solution? As this seems one of the best firewalls I have tried so far…

PS. I have tried the same with Comodo Firewall 2.4 and get a fully stealth rating. The only problem is v2.4 is not compatible with Vista…

Shields Up! and PCFlank will test your router and not CFP. To test CFP you’ll need to plug the network cable directly from the wall into your computer.
Still bit strange that you get different results with different firewalls tho.


Thanks Ragwing,
Like I said, i’m not behind a router i.e. the computer is connected directly to the modem. I’m also confused as to why CPF3 gives different results to CPF2.4 and ZA Free…