porting a game help please

hey guys i have warcraft 3 and i wanted to put the game in the firewall so i can host games. I know i need to port something in the firewall. can you guys help me? the port number is 6112.

Try with this network monitor rule:

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Direction: In
Source: Any
Destination: Any or Zone
Destination port: 6112

Put this rule above any block rule you have.

If you are behind a router, you may need to do a port forwarding there, too.

no it didnt work any ideas?

Have you tried to turn off network monitor and see if it works?
If it still doesn’t work, try to turn off application monitor.
This way, you should know where you need to set up a rule.

You can also check the log for any blocks, and where they are.

ok ill try it and i have another guestion. whats are severity events and how do you delete them from your PC if there bad.

It’s something that has been trying to connect, but CFP has stopped it.
Sometimes legit apps get a high severity event, because it act like one.
You have to read carefully what they say, and what they mean.
If you’re not sure, you can right click in the log and export as html and post it here.