Portforwarding and listening for a back connect using netcat

hey people,

I’m, using comodo free version of fire wall, and I’m having problem in creating a back connect with my site using netcat through CMD. when i listen port on 80 using netcat through cmd it shows port listening but wen i try to connect my shell on the site, connection never develops!! can some one please help me in this problem?

hoping to get solution soon. thanks

Is this something your doing on a single PC or on different PCs. If more than one PC, which has CIS installed. Also, Which version of netcat are you using and which shell are you trying to initiate.

have you checked the log files for any failed entries?

and an other one, does (temporary) setting the FW to disabled fix the issue?

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums Zypher!

Could you provide us with a screenshot for your firewall logs (CIS → firewall → could mean while try if you’re using a ftp to transfer your html to add that application as trusted application.

I hope this helps a bit

Valentin N