Portabledeviceapi.dll. What is it for?

Why is portabledeviceapi.dll sometimes trying to connect to (that is a Microsoft address)?
It happens at least once a day.

I have 2 external Hard Disks, is it because of them?

On Devices and Printers did you tell windows it could gather enhanced device information from the internet?

Where is that setting? ???

portabledeviceapi.dll is related to the Windows Portable Device (WPD) API which collects and transfers a large amount of Software Quality Metrics (SQM) data to Microsoft servers. The SQM data is collected only on an opt-in basis through the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program.

You can disable the WDP.

Where is the setting that I have to use to disable it?

There was an update for vista to disable the collection of data through WPD
but I don’t know for Win7.

WPD is needed to allow computers to communicate with attached media and storage devices (Windows Portable Devices - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn)

OK, never mind

Thanks anyway :wink: