Will there be a portable version of COMODO System Cleaner v1.0.60093.19?

No offense to Comodo, but portable of this version of CSc will cause destruction more than good, because there is still a lot of bugs left on this version, though this is subject to change.


None taken. Thank you for posting all this feedback, good or bad.

Yes, there will be a portable version.

Isn’t it portable already? I’m sure I’ve installed on one computer, copied the folder to a network share and run some of the tools (mainly system information) on a few computers.


Yep, this is what I’ve discovered as well (I’ve “extracted” crc.exe to have it portable). However, a zip file which you can extract without having registry entries added by CSC, or CSC putting itself in the Windows Program Add/Remove list, would be nice. :slight_smile: