Portable Xenocode application Comodo prevents from running

Hi there,
I have been using a portable application for a while that is packed with Xenocode. Everything was smooth until I installed Comodo CIS. Now I added \appdata folder to trusted, I added the application exe to trusted, I disabled firewall, antivirus, sandbox, realtime scan, but it does not launch. The app runs perfectly on other machines where Comodo is not installed.

Any feedback on how to make these portable apps work? turn an option on/off?
ow and I am not sure if this is antivirus related or sandbox related… I click on trust this file when sandbox asks me, but I’ve to do it again and again.

Also how does one completely turn comodo off? never had these issues with any other virus/etc software nod32/zonealarm/etc…

ow I’m on windows 7, latest updates installed.

Thanks in advance

Can you see what happens when you add the Xenocode packed executable or Xenocode packed folder to the Exceptions of Detect Shellcode Injections?