portable vs non-portable [resolved]

out of boredom, have nothing to do.i think i’ll just nag everybody with stupid question:
i browsed to CRC board, and i see the poll for next CRC release, and some ppl wants it to be portable.
what’s the point exactly for an application to be portable? (except you can carry it around in Usb stick)?
and if the software can be made portable in the first place, why even bother creating one that needs installation ???

i have revo uninstaller, and then i see commodus’ post about revouninstaller portable, tried it, no difference. ???
so what’s the point creating portable & non-portable application? ???

A portable app doesn’t write into the registry :slight_smile: (well most of the time). No registry entries could also result in better security. :-TU And you don’t have to install it.
Some portable apps can’t be updated though. You have to get a new version :slight_smile:

In addition, the size of portable versions are usually the smallest. Look at CCleaner, for example.

It makes things so much easier without requiring installation. Less problems. But in other programs (AIMP? hopefully not :-*), portable versions have certain features disabled due to the nature (i.e. as result of not having any registry entries).

no updating, certain features disabled,and just because i’m bored & have nothing to do i’ve replaced my revouninstaller with the portable one :THNK
oh OK.that’s it? 88) too easy, i was expecting some controversy, ppl arguing with each other,some trolls jump in… 88)
thx! :■■■■

topic locked, pls PM any modera oh i forgot, this is my own topic (:TNG)