Portable version differences

I am familiar with the traditional difference between portable and installer versions of an application:
No changes to the registry
Settings stored in the same directory with the program.
Not accessible from a limited account if simply installed in the Program Files directory.
Well suited for running from a flash drive.
No uninstall needed.
Can use registry
Settings stored in \Documents and Settings\user_name\ or All Users directory
Accessible from a limited account
Needs to be uninstalled for complete removal
Sometimes fails when updating without uninstalling

Are there any other functional differences for Comodo System Cleaner between the portable and installer versions?


There is no difference between the portable and the installer version of COMODO System-Cleaner. We introduced the portable version so that the users can use CSC from anywhere (USB device, External HDD).

If you install System-Cleaner, using the setup, you’ll find that this version acts as a portable version one also. You can copy the contents of the installed directory and run it from anywhere.

I installed the installer version today for CSC 2.0.108716.5.

Autoruns showed the following in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CFRPD:
CFRPD COMODO Safe Delete Filter c:\windows\system32\drivers\cfrpd.sys

I also found the following registry entries:

Since the existence of registry keys shows that the installer version is not portable, what features does the installer version have that the portable version does not? Perhaps registry protection and safe delete?

Being portable I think CSC should leave as little trace as possible. Maybe you could eliminate CSC from creating folders in C:\Documents and Settings[user] 1 and keep it all in the CSC program folder? Thanks!

1 CSC creates (as you know) the folders C:\Documents and Settings[user]\Application Data\ComodoGroup and C:\Documents and Settings[user]\Application DataComodoGroup.