Portable profile overwritten with new install?


I had the portable version of Comodo Dragon installed and was using it for quite a long time. Today I decided to install the full version but it seems to have overwritten the portable version’s bookmarks and history and everything. :-[

The information I had in the portable version was very valuable to me and the new comodo installation seems to have taken a very old profile and I cannot access the bookmarks and history and everything from the portable version I had yesterday. What’s worse, is that now when I click on the shortcut for the portable version, it just opens the newly installed version.

I need to get the information and profile back from the portable version I had yesterday. I cannot afford to lose it.

Hi and welcome shiftededge,
Where is the portable version stored?
Try opening the portable version using the ‘Dragon.exe’ file from the stored location.
The installed version may have only overwritten the shortcut, especially if the shortcut was on the desktop.