Portable Keylogger protection?

Hi there!

I’m looking for a way to protect my passwords when I have to use a public pc to access e-mail and other password dependent stuff.

Is there any way to run some sort of keylogger protection from a pen drive?


Try this method, I bet you it fools “almost” all key loggers (I use that myself on public computers)! :-TU
One thing thats great is that it even fools a hardware keylogger :-TU, if you know what that is. There is NO SOFTWARE IN THE WORLD that can protect you from hardware keyloggers. But this method does. The more you type the more of a work the hacker will have. Hopefully he will give up. Since most people are lazy.

However if you are going to login to something thats really important to you I would still recommend that you don’t use a public computer!

There is other methods as well, but this one is close to bullet proof, also make sure noone at the internet cafe or wherever you are is peeking over your shoulder, :slight_smile: its accualy a very common way to steal passwords. :smiley:

Kewl! i think that it would be cool if comodo could make such a portable tool though…
Thanks for the link monkey_boy. What about using an onscreen keyboard?

Onscreen is better than nothing, and fools many simpler keyloggers, but some take screenshots, and that way your klicking will expose the password, hovever you could combine it, But a screenshot keylogger would also trick my method of use. Anyway some keyloggers is designed to catch for instance microsoft built-in onscreen keyboard, since its somewhat common.

There are many ways of protections as stated here:

And for the tread starter I would also recommend that you use firefox portable when browsing from public places if you are worried Mozilla Firefox, Portable (browser) | PortableApps.com since it decreases any leftovers (traces).

I also found a application for firefox called KeyScrambler https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3383 . But I don’t know how well it works. Otherwise if you have the time to scan all day there is numerous antispyware/keylogger stuff out there that you can run from a USB stick/whatever… =) If you want to feel really safe, then combine stuff, ex do a signature scan with some software, use firefox portable with keyscrambler and use the clicking technique described earlier!
Cheers! =)

Many thanks for the replies Monkey_boy!

The article in Wikipedia that you linked suggests using a form filler to prevent keyloggers, but only if the data doesn’t pass through the clipboard or keyboard.

Dose the Firefox password manager avoid the clipboard and keyboard?

If so, maybe, a nice combination would be to have Firefox portable store my passwords and use your technique to enter the master password

As for the master pass there is no need for concern as long as the master pass is different than the normal pass.

Iam not going to recomend that this is the best or that is…
Since I don’t know. :smiley: :wink:

But you could do a test login with the usb and the setup you are going to use with: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Firewall/Anti-KeyLogger-Tester.shtml let that software run in the background while you do the login you are going to do at the public place, and test all 7 types of key capturing, if they all fail (or you can make a judgment that no valuable info from the login was cough, that text is probably all the hacker will have, can he use it?), if not… then I would feels somewhat safe. But he might get screenshots too when you mousclick… Anyway
remember to disable your normal Antivirus and stuff while this software does its thing, or click ignore, since this is only a test and no real threat. (you can remove it after testing if you feel uncomfortable having it on your computer). And don’t forget to reenable the AV/the security setup you use! :wink: :slight_smile:

Anyway! =) Good luck! =)

Well I tested the setup and all tests only rendered the Firefox master password (which was predictable, since it was the only instance I touched the keyboard).

Well I guess this proves that the Firefox password manager avoids keyboard+clipboard right?

If so, I guess this is a pretty sturdy security setup to use in public PC’s :BNC

Again, many thanks for the link and feedback Monkey_Boy!

Seems to be the case. (as for clipboard firefox at least stops things like javascript from using it) http://support.mozilla.com/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?locale=en-US&forumId=1&comments_parentId=10228#threadId10234
And the fact that you passes those tests of the antikeylogger pretty much proves that it should be safe.

And Iam sorry for sugesting that you should not care for the master password, by reading some about firefox files it seems like they are as safe as the master password, since if the hacker has the master password + some files in firefox he could “easily” ■■■■■ it. The question is, Is there any keylogger so smart that it will copy those files from firefox portable running from a usb stick? I think not, (I hope not).


Glad it passed. And thanks for posting the testing results! Good luck and I hope you won’t get hacked. (:LOV)
A good practice could be to change password once in a while or when you get home. Also check the usb for viruses since many baddies copy themself to usb sticks. but Iam gonna stop here and not being overly paranoid.
Cheers! (:HUG)

Well I guess that the option to use your first technique+firefox password manager still stands :-TU (even though that might sound a bit paranoid)

As for viruses getting into my usb drive… this frustrated me so much that I installed linux in my pc with the sole purpose of checking and deleting viruses from my portable usb drives. I can usually find them manually, but when the drive is a bit cluttered I can use Kaspersky online scanner that works with linux to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

After I know everything is clean I boot windows

It takes a bit more time than it would to just simply stick my infected drive in Windows and rely on my AV… but I at least avoid headaches later on