portable install to usb flash drive using computer with normally installed C D.

Would this cause any disturbance to either the normally installed browser or the portable one which would go to the usb flash drive? Old computer has normal installation of Comodo Dragon v20.1, and I would want to also install the portable form of Comodo Dragon onto usb flash drive, using the same computer. Will this make an extra desktop icon or extra start menu shortcut, or any other undesired effect?

Hi string_game,
Having both installed/portable will not disturb each other.
Portable is solely stored in the folder of your choice.
I sometimes run both side by side with no issues.
Portable will not add extra icons or shortcuts unless you manually add them.

Perfect! Then I think I will do it.

Just FYI
Note: The following does not alter your installed version.

The only errors that I have come across compared to the help file for the portable version.
Portable help

The 'Import Settings' and 'Secure DNS' dialog boxes will not be shown during the installation process
Incorrect, The import options do show during install and import correctly. The Secure DNS options do show during install, but regardless of what you choose it defaults to [b]malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)[/b], changeable after install.