Portable IceDragon

When it will be Comodo Icedragon portable

I don’t know but I’ve already requested it

I’m debating about creating my own portable version untill comodo makes one, just like I did with comodo dragon. <–Although my portable dragon version is removed from here for download because comodo created one. If I do make one for this and allowed to post a link to it (I’ll ask the other mods first, if I decide to create one) then I’ll do it. If I do create one, it’ll be portable, NOT fully 100% completely contained, but there will still be a few registry keys writen :cry:

This app needs a portable version too

hi guys there is a solution of portable CID .

download Firefox portable from portableapp and extract it
than copy the CID root folder files. C:\Program Files\Comodo\IceDragon

go to extracted portable Firefox FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox
Paste CID files in firefox
at last rename icedragon into firefox …

enjoy CID portable

@ kais :

it works! thx. at least until the ‘official’ one released, we can use ‘your’ portable CID. even though the featured personas (theme) still don’t work in this version ( thx anyway


Hello kais,

I love portable versions of software! But I tried to do what you said, and I still can’t get it. Tried 3 or 4 times! lol I don’t know if I’m just stupid when it comes to portablizing apps or what, lol. I like apps already portableized! So, can you dumb it down for me just a tad? lol


Hi Rhineus,
Comodo IceDragon V16 now has the portable version option with the standard official installer.
Please tick portable version during install. (Screenshot)

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Hello CaptainSticks,

Thank you very much for this portable version! It will go good very good with my other portable apps. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear. :slight_smile:
Thanks goes to Comodo.

Can be portable IceDragon updated? When I try it I always get this stupid error window:

I think not. I also portable. In the registry, there are no entries.

There shouldn’t be any problems updating the portable version. If you’re having issues the problem may lay elsewhere.

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I also checked the portable. Also updated with no problems. is a folder on your C: Administrator rights. :-TU

The error appeared downloading the update. But today the update was successfully downloaded even if when I restarted IceDragon it didnť run and that’s why I had to run it manually. Then this window appeared:


So I went to Help-About IceDragon and it says: IceDragon is up to date. But this same issue I have with Comodo Dragon…Maybe it’s good to say I have Windows 7 x64… By the way, why does a portable app need admin rights to update it?

I have administrator rights on the computer. The folder itself IceDragon is from the C drive. Upgrade went without problems.

Unfortunately, there appears to be another problem with IceDragon and running it with standard user rights. After the update finishes it tries to launch but fails. In doing so it opens multiple processes. Firefox portable works correctly when using a standard user account.

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I have the same problem with installing updates… So, I went here to download the update, when it got finished, I installed the update over the same folder that I had the portable ice-dragon. And it completely overwritten my previous portable ice-dragon, so I lost everything! All of my bookmarks, my tabs, my addons… everything. So, everyone… please watch out!!!

Can I roll back the change I made the ice-dragon, I really need at least my bookmarks back… Thanks :-\

Hi Rhineus,
This should not happen, are you sure you haven’t got two IceDragon sub folders within one folder?
Two copies of CID portable.

Example: If I had my portable stored in C:\Users\username\Downloads\Comodo\IceDragon, I would need to select C:\Users\username\Downloads to write to the same folder.

If I chose C:\Users\username\Downloads\Comodo\IceDragon, I would end up with a second copy in C:\Users\username\Downloads\Comodo\IceDragon\Comodo\IceDragon.

Also it is good practice to periodically manually save a backup of your bookmarks to a HTML file IMO.

In addition to the Captains reply, even if you do directly run the installer over a prior installation, it shouldn’t remove or change the default profile. However, If you’ve previously created additional profiles, you may want to take a look under you IceDragon portable folder. There should be a UserData folder within which, you should fine profiles.ini and a profiles folder. Each profile has a unique name under this location. It may be worth searching your system for the profiles.ini…

Hello captainsticks and Radaghast,

Yes, stupid me! lol I have it doubled like you said. Thank you very much :smiley: