Portable HardDrive

I dont know much about portable harddrive

I am getting Western Digital Elements Portable 1 TB Hard Drive WDBPCK0010BBK for INR 4000, is it good harddrive & good price?

And how to check the system has USB 3.0 or not?

On one side of the laptop there is a port named esata with USB sign & inside it is blue colour, is it USB 3.0?

Hi naren,
The blue coloured socket would generally represent USB 3.
Check in your device manager under Universal Serial Bus Controllers and if one of the controllers is USB 3 then you have USB 3.

I imagine the eSATA/USB socket to be an eSATA USB combo.
eSATA is an external SATA drive connection point.
eSATA information

As captain said, blue socket generally represents USB 3.0

Regarding the drive, it looks nice and the price looks nice too if the conversion went right on my side. =P

Attached is the screenshot. I think its not there.
Does the controllers needs to be installed?

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Theres an offer on the drive. It mentions the real price as INR 9000 & offer price as INR 4000. I googled the drive model no. & its mostly valued at app. INR 5700 on most of the sites. But still I think the offer is good, wot say?

Does the below info means its 2.5 inch drive?
Width 78 mm
Height 19 mm
Depth 113 mm
Weight 0.21 kg

Operating Temperature 5° C to 35° C, this means it will run with port power, right? i.e no external power required.

Little confused here. Read something like 3.5 inch drive needs 12V power & 2.5 inch runs with laptops port power.

I think it’s a good price.

I’m not sure whether or not it requires external power, I can’t find it in the manual however they do say it’s portable and they do also say somewhere “on the go” so if it needs external power I’d say that is misleading advertisement. (Basically I think it is using the laptop’s power)

If you post the exact model of your laptop we could perhaps look up if it has USB 3.0

The controller needs to be there for it to be operational, this does not mean that it is not present as Windows does not have native support for USB 3 that I am aware of so it is not automatically recognized.
Check the manufacturers site for driver support.

As SanyaIV mentioned, your make/model could help.
Check the manufacturers site with the model and maybe even better if you have a service tag.

HP Pavilion DV4T-1400

I checked & couldn’t find any or may be I couldn’t recognize the driver.


I’ve tried finding specifications about that laptop now but can’t find squat, it’s like they don’t want anyone to know what the hell is in it. Unless captain was more successful in hunting for information, could you post a picture of the blue port?

Its llike this


Is it exactly the same color? If so then they look like USB2 and not USB 3.0, you can google image “USB 3.0” and see how they are intense blue while that you linked is black.

I don’t know if a blue eSATA port means that it also has USB 3.0 and I can’t find any information about blue eSATA. My best GUESS is that it doesn’t have USB 3.0, however devices using USB 3.0 are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports, granted you won’t be able to see the same performance as if you had a USB 3.0 port.

Hi SanyaIV,
I agree, my guess also is it does not have USB 3.
I think the combo socket colour misled us all.
From this page the external devices PDF manual shows support for USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 only.

esata/USB port on my system is the same as in the pic except the colour, here its blue.

Just to clarify my below statement Naren.

I am not suggesting that the information you gave in regards to the colour is misleading, but that the colour of the socket itself being blue could mislead us into thinking it has USB 3 capabilities. :wink:

Read the manual:

The computer has either 2 or 3 USB ports, which support USB 1.0, USB 1.1, and USB 2.0 devices. To
add more USB ports, connect an optional hub or expansion product.
It does not have USB 3 connectors.