Portable CID profile cannot be loaded

Thank you, COMODO, for great browser. I use it only in portable version. On one my comp, Windows 7, it goes ok. Personas, all necessary for me add-ons works perfectly.
But when I tried to copy the folder with the CID from my first comp to another, CID cannot start. It says “Your IceDragon profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible.”. And the same message appears when I try to install CID portable to this comp. This comp is Windows XP.
Is it possible to fix it?

Thank you.


If you have UAC enabled on this message will be displayed when IceDragon is placed in Program Files or any other location protected by UAC. Please make sure that you have the correct user access rights for the location where you copied the IceDragon folder.

Try to change the location of the IceDragon folder (move it to the desktop for example) and check if the issue reproduces.


Thank you for your advice. It works. I found that CID portable can be loaded on my XP comp, where I’m a “local admin” only from disk C:, not from the desktop or “My Documents” folder.

Thank you.

The portable version should work from the desktop and “My Documents” folder since they belong to your user profile. Is the operating system installed on drive C?
If the system has custom user access policies then this might be the cause of the problem.

Thank you.

This is my office computer, XP 32bit. It has only one partition C. Here I’m local admin. CID loads only if its folder is put to disk C. It cannot load from “My Documents” or from the desktop.

Another issue is that CID and CD cannot load pages from the “intranet” - internal net in my work. Other browsers - Opera, FF and their portable versions do it without any difficulty. Is it possible to fix this problem?

Thank you.

Well, I’ve managed to fix the issue with the intranet. I just tuned the proxi connection in CID and CD. As for starting only from disk C I cannot fix it. I want portable CID to start from “My documents” folder. How to do this? My comp is XP 32bit, I have a local admin account.

Thank you