portable applications

I am trying to run portable applications from a memory stick but the firewall isn’t allowing them to run. i have tried defining them as trusted applications but it seems this has to be done for each application and has to be repeated each time they are run. Is it possible to define all the applications so they can run and for the settings to be retained?


Same problem here. I can allow (with remember checkbox) or manually set a removable drive app as trusted but comodo will always prompt me each time the app tries to connect to the internet.

Hello linuxamp. Welcome to the forums.

Can you set Defense+ in “Training Mode” By Defense+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings. Try to use the USB then while you receive no alerts.

If it works- Switch back to Safe Mode/Clean PC Mode. Training Mode learns apps.



Thanks for the quick reply. I switched the firewall and defense+ to training mode and ran the application (keepass). While in training mode no prompts appeared. I restarted the PC and switched both the firewall and defense+ to custom policy and safe mode respectively. Upon re-launching keepass the firewall prompt appeared again stating that keepass is trying to connect to to the Internet (automatic update).

keepass is listed in both defense+ and firewall as a trusted application and the path to the file is correct but it continues to prompt.


I use PortableApps software on an external USB connected Hard Drive.
A similar problem which may be related.

No solution - just an explanation that may help.

Comodo learns to remember/allow for some programs, and just once is enough.

Other programs need learning every time.
The problem is that some Portable Apps are not born portable, and they insist upon using the registry.

To simulate portability, the Portable Launcher uses either regedit.exe or reg.exe to take a snapshot of relevant keys;
It then initialises those keys for the program before running,
and when the program ends the Launcher replaces the modified keys with the snapshot.
Unfortunately the Launcher does not run regedit etc. - instead it creates a temporary hunk of code which does all the registry stuff, and this temporary hunk of code always has a different name, so the Remember/Allow rule for the previous name is not suitable for the next name !!!

If only Comodo could recognise that the Launcher with a fixed name is trusted, and that its variable named child processes should also be trusted.



I’m familiar with the portable wrapper and understand that it uses both a wrapper exe and the application exe. It’s understandable thatt Comodo could get confused between the two.

In this case I’m using a native exe written as a portable application.

I haven’t had any problems using portable apps off a USB as long as I don’t “purge” once the stick is removed.