Portable application and Defense +


I use a portable web browser. I run it from my pendrive.
I use CIS, with Defense+. Defense+ ask me always, at every time, if I run the portable browser.
Allow/deny etc. every time!
I add the browser to Trusted application every time-no result. Ask and ask me again.
How can I permanently add my browser to “no ask”, so Trusted app group?


Is the application digitally signed? If it is, add the vendor to My Trusted Software Vendors.

Also, submit the application here. :-La

Files on USB drives, network drives, mounted drives, etc are not considered safe by design. So when you unhook it and hook it up again Comodo will assume it is new.

The logic is that things may have happened to it when it was not connected. You will have to learn to live with it I am afraid.

I was so glad I finally found this thread! but so disappointed by the answer… Because I keep moving between 2 computers (at work and at home), I decided to use a maximum of portable applications to bypass lengthy and daily synchronisations. My new portable toolbox is brilliant but what a pain to use with Comodo!!! After trying other firewalls, I definitely want to stick to it, but I’ve got to share my disappointment by the lack of rules to make it work (even at my own risk) without having to click Accept/Deny all the time!
Please do something about, I doubt I’m the only one like that…

Hi FroggyDew,

Are you using applications from PortableApps.com? They will be included in Comodo’s white-list, so they will be trusted (and automatically allowed) by CIS.

If you are using other portable applications, please submit them in the thread I linked to.

Thanks. :slight_smile: