Portable Antivirus

Portable Antivirus is a very good and very helpful

Comodo has one of these already in beta, it’s the Comodo Cleaning Essentials.

It’s being baked in the oven on three fifty for twenty more min. . . . or say a couple of months :slight_smile:

yes I know that there is one in beta.
I have this already, but unfortunately it still does not work so well.

Once it comes out of beta or when DACS gets fine tuned then it will become a fully functional portable antivirus. A beta is not going to be perfect. Just give it time to get better.

Whether CCE and/or DACS ever will work (I have real doubts about it, but that’s completely different matter) - none of the above either separately or combined can be considered as “portable AV” by any means


CCE is a sort of portable AV; it uses that AV updates and it scans, with or without DACS.

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thats just spot on!

CCE is a Portable AV! and On Demand Portable AV!

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