Portability of the portable version

Hi Guys,

Were some issues addressed in this new version, as it was discussed here or not yet?

I am not taking about having “paf” installer that would be helpful too (no demands though), but at least is it completely self-contained ?

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at least is it completely self-contained ?
It's reasonably self-contained. But I have my own doubts about the word "completely"

Not got the chance to play with a 64bit version, but generally portable apps comes down to (3 different points when it comes to complete portability

  1. registry entrys
  2. browser history
  3. network access history

You can add system modifications as well…if it creates folders or leaves files around on a system …such as a profile folder in appdata folders and such…then it is not really portable.

Most people assume a portable can be used on multiple platforms without having to worry about system modifications or registry entries that will result in errors later when it is no longer on the system.
A portable is also assumed to retain all its user settings within the portable’s own file structure.

I have made a reasonable attempt at this if you would like to test it out it can be found Here in the forums