Hey everyone,

I keep seeing this in my log:

Log Scope: Today Date/Time :2006-08-27 11:51:54Severity :MediumReporter :Network MonitorDescription:Outbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, ICMP = PORT UNREACHABLE)Protocol:ICMP OutgoingSource: Remote: Message: PORT UNREACHABLE Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 4

The source is me, And I did a whois search on the remote and it’s my ISP.

My question is, should I write a rule to allow this or should I leave it blocked?

Thanks in advance.

If you dont use P2P applications or do not have any network rules which allow incoming UDP, you can delete that rule. It is better to keep that default rule. ICMP Port enreachable message is like not sending it at all.

Thanks egemen.