Port Stealth Wizard Configuration

In addition to the loopback zone I currently have 2 networks listed in My Network Zones and I do not know which one to use to configure the Stealth Ports Wizard. How does one know which one to use?

LAN #1 IP in [xxx.xxx.xxx.xx/]

LAN #2 IP in [xxx.xxx.xx.xxx/]


Hi ~Maxx~,

I imagine one zone is something like 192.168.0.x/ and the other 169.254.x.x/ The first is the zone to use. the second is for APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) and is used when a DHCP server can not be contacted.

Quill- Thank you so very much for your quick reply I will go and set the Stealth Ports Wizard Configuration right now!


When I stealth all my ports using CIS, I’m unable to seed torrents.Now I did a test with Symantec Endpoint protection.My ports are stealthed again and the seeding of torrents is not interupted, but continues strongly.Why is that?

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Hi bequick,

For p2p to work correctly with CIS, you’ll need to allow inbound connections to your chosen torrent port in global rules.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t change much.I’ve added the port used by Utorrent, but it’s still blocked.

Are you sure your ports are open on your router? uTorrent supports Universal Plug and Play to open ports but it looks like that may not be working. Also verify that the uTorrent rule in Global Rules is above the basic block rule(s) at the bottom (red icon(s)).