Port Set Bug

There is a problem with port sets and how they are used in firewall rules.

I have ports defined in My Port Sets. Let’s say I defined a new port set (UPnP Port with only one port assigned, port 1900). Then I go to Network Security Policy and use that port set name in a rule. So far so good, and the rule works fine.

However, let’s say that I go back to My Port Sets and rename that same port set to something else. As soon as I do that, the firewall rule that uses that port set no longer works. It is as if the Port Set rename does not automatically update the rules.

However, if I bring up the application rules/global rules, and then save them again by clicking apply, even though no changes to the rules was made, then the rule starts working again.

You can build any rule you would like and try it out.


Win XP Pro SP2
Symantec Anti-Virus CE 10.1

[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

I knew that the Port Sets (and most other sets) do not update rules defined using them when altered, but since I manually updated the rules, I did not realize that the change of set definition invalidated the old rule (maybe it only does this for Port Sets?). My experience was that the rule still worked, but used the old set definition. That was not for Port Sets though.

I encountered a similar problem: when I renamed predefined policy Outgoing only all apps in Applications Rules which had this policy applied lost all their rule entries. I had to manually edit each of them to get them configured again.

I guess that I accidentally avoided most of the problem by using the “Use a Custom Policy” option and selecting the “Copy from” button when I wanted to use a Predefined Policy. You have to do that if you want to alter the basic rights of the policy anyway (without changing the Predefined Policy - which I like to keep as a reference set). Using the Custom Policy option gives you an easier choice for editing your rules while keeping the supplied policies intact. Of course, this means that if you want to change a Port Set, you have to manually update all the rules that use it - since it is only a copy of the rule from before the change of port set. You also cannot see what ports are in a port set in a rule. If you have changed the port set, you have no way to check to see if the rule uses the updated port set. Of course, if you use Predefined Policies and the rule stops working, you can tell immediately that the rule needs updating… That’s it!! It’s a feature!!!