Port scanning


For days I see a port scan of the address I wanted to who owns the IP, and I said it was Comodo Group. Is this common with the new version, or is it for updates?.

What port is being accessed?

20:05:50 Source: Destination: UDP
20:05:51 Source: Destination: TCP
20:11:55 Source: Destination: UDP
20:11:57 Source: Destination: TCP
20:12:31 Source: Destination: UDP
20:12:33 Source: Destination: TCP
20:35:01 Source: Destination: UDP
20:35:02 Source: Destination: TCP

Not very well that it is these connections is that I’m trying PeerBlock recently, and it blocks…

Traffic on pors 4447 UDP and 4448 TCP are related to the cloud look up services.

The cloud servers were too late responding to a look up request. The traffic is therefor not being processes by stateful inspection of the firewall as an answer to a request. It is then reported as an incoming access request.

In short nothing to worry about.