Port incrementing behavior in beta


This new Comodo Personal Firewall beta is periodically experiencing a port incrementing behavior with applications it asks me to allow or deny. This didn’t happen with the current release My problems were with a Diskeeper product and ident. I don’t know what causes the firewall to do this suddenly but it’s not consistent. In other words, Ident and Diskeeper were working fine with the firewall, then suddenly this happened. Here’s what is happening:

Diskeeper caused a svchost.exe pop-up with CPF. It asked me to allow or deny and had the checkbox to remember my answer.
For example, the port activity for this pop-up was on 1400. So I check the box to remember my answer and clicked allow. Then the same pop-up came up, but the port was 1401. This continued as I clicked and clicked until my app monitor was filled with instances of svchost allowed with the port number incremented for each listing.

To stop this behavior, I had to go into the application monitor for that application and allow any port out from my computer (remote) to stop this. When I did that, CPF beta erased all of the other instances in the app monitor of those two apps. See my before and after screenshots. Thanks.

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Hi Chad,

I guess while installing you have selected High popup frequency. CPF does not increment anything. It just shows what it sees. This means the application is using different ports each time.



After I posted this, I wondered about if it had to do with those new settings in the beginning setp of the beta. I didn’t understand what those settings did. I guessed at what they meant. Plus, there doesn’t look like there’s a way to change them, now that it’s installed, is there?

However what I wrote is what happened. Perhaps beta doesn’t have a bug. That wording was premature, but the pop-up stayed there and the port kept incrementing on the popups. It would have done so continuously had I not gone in and said any port for remote (my computer.)

For example, if I start ident on computer A and telnet to it from computer B, the contact port for ident on computer A is always 113, but when it responds, the outgoing port from computer A back to computer B is the one that increments. So if I telnet from A to B, the first response might go out port 50000, but the 2nd time it’ll go out port 50001, and the next time, port 50002. I don’t know how a computer decides the initial port number but it always increments by one. I’m guess, because i haven’t yet tested it by rebooting, but I think it is reset when you logout or reboot.

This behavior with the verbosity you mentioned must be why beta keeps asking me for permission with every new port that computer A responds out of and why the release version doesn’t.

How do I turn down the verbosity now that the beta is installed? Do i have to re-install?