Port Fowarding

i want to portfoward for some programs but whats the best way to do that. i don’t want my computer to have all ports open also.

  1. can i only portfoward for the program only? - under application monitor the portfowarding didn’t help much? while network monitor seems to have more effect…
  2. if i use Network Monitor, …, say i set a program to use 10000, and others can set theirs as well, then do i use
    TCP/UDP In Source IP/port: my IP:10000 Destination IP/port: Any: Any
    TCP/UDP Out Source IP/Port: Any: Any Destination IP/Port: my IP: 10000
    OR, just combine them to use the above “TCP/UDP In” one?

i noticed that i may be able to look in the Activity > Connections to base my decisions?

whats the save may to do things?

also with routers i think i should do the same?

btw… do i take Source to be my computer always and destination to be others? - thats the impression the Activity > Connections gave me…

This might help:



maybe some1 can answer my question more directly? but that link helps still. i think for Q1 its ok already. i would go to Network Security Policy right?

then what about how do i know whats In and whats Out? and Source and Destinations?

i learn abit of CCNA so i guess:

  • In is traffic coming into my computer? this means that for In, Source will refer to the remote addresses? then Destination will be me?
  • Out will be the reverse? traffic going out of the computer? meaning Source will be me and Dstination will be the remote host?

but if this the case, for In, Source will ALWAYS refer to the Remote host? and Destination ALWAYS the localhost? that means i am not supposed to need to enter anything unless i am configuring a Router that routes between different localhosts for example?

am i right in saying this?