Port forwarding anyone ?

After thinking about my last post ( https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,8388.msg60995.html#msg60995 ), I decided to post a topic about port forwarding for Boclean. I haven’t seen a topic yet concerning it and i’m wondering if i am the only one who isn’t that knowledgeable when it comes to hardware firewalls ? What i’d like to find out is the exact ports that one needs to configure dynamically for traffic that is outgoing for Boclean.

Hi Ehgreg
If you don’t already have this utility, it’s a handy tool to include.
"CurrPorts displays the list of all currently opened TCP/IP and UDP ports on your local computer. "
The 2 better known are TCPview from sysinternals or CurrPorts which is my favorite.



Nah see whats happening is that my Hardware firewall (westell modem) is blocking the last outgoing connection to their server. I can see it all when i look in the log. Packet Details

Source IP: 192.168.*.** Destination IP:
Protocol: TCP
Source Port: 1463 Destination Port: 53012
TCP Flags: 02 ( syn )

Again, this isn’t the comodo firewall. I am definitely reluctant to mess with the rules/syntax because thats just not something i have messed with very much in past. I have just always used port forwading in the service configuration settings. But that doesn’t cut it for all the outgoing traffic cause The firewall settings take precedence over the services configured on this page… Arghhh

Hi Ehgreg

To my knowledge port forwarding is used to allow INcoming traffic in a router/modem. Feel free to correct me, I’m not an expert just a regular user. You mentioned that your firewall blocked an outgoing connection. You may check the outbound traffic filtering settings in your modem. I think you can even turn it off, as Comodo Firewall does a decent job in filtering outgoing traffic. I’m connecting to the net thru a router and I don’t need to forward ports to use BOClean. With the exact ports that BOC uses unfortunately I can’t help you, as it always connects with different ports to the server.
There is a site www.portforward.com where they explain how to forward ports in diferent kind of harware firewalls/modems/routers. The instructions are for games, but its the same for any programs just the ports are different. But I have a feeling that not port forwarding is the source of your problem.