Port forward? [SOLVED]

Hi all.

I am a new user to Comodo firewall.

The conditions:

  • Internet access on laptop via UMTS/GPRS card
  • Second PC connected via crossover ethernet cable (both fixed IP addresses)
  • Program running on second PC needs to access and receive a determined UDP port

This was done before with XP firewall, but I had a problem with intrusion, so thought of using a proper firewall, but after that, I was not able to use such program on second PC.

Any clues?

Have you defined a zone that covers the IP addresses of your two PCs, and then set that zone as Trusted? These two steps have proven to fix most of the LAN (as opposed to internet) related queries.

Hope this helps
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi, and thanks for your reply.

My “ethernet adapter zone” is defined as trusted.

What I do need is a port forward from the “WAN” zone to a specific PC, just like it is allowed to do with windows firewall.

I tried to create a “ALLOW” rule to such content, but it didn’t worked, so I assume that this only allows such traffic, does not forward it as I need.

Are you using ICS? If you are unsure if the Firewall is blocking this, then try

  1. Adjusting the Security Level to Allow All or
  2. Create a specific firewall rule in the Security | Network Monitor with the UDP ports and your second PC’s IP address as destination and see if this solves the problem.

No, I am not using ICS. Windows firewall was disabled on Comodo installation.

I am not on my PC now, so I will try later this.

Just a fast question, wich I am not understanding… If I create an allow rule, will it be forwarding also, or just allowing the traffic?


Just an FYI:
ICS = Internet Connection Sharing. Windows Firewall is a separate “function” in Windows XP. It sounded like you were using ICS to connect the 2nd computer to the Internet.
To answer your “fast question”: If the computer with Comodo Firewall installed is the one which is connected to the internet, the rules here will also affect the 2nd computer. Kinda like a perimeter firewall will.

2nd PC ||–x-over cable–> Primary PC ||–regular cable–> DSL router/Modem ||—> Internet :o
Please excuse my poor ASCII drawing skills :slight_smile:

So yes, I am using ICS to allow 2nd computer internet access :o

So the port forward should be configured in ICS, and configuring Comodo to allow such traffic?

edit: i do not have any router, the connection is made via a UMTS modem on primary PC

Hi all.

Just for the records, I solved the problem.

As I supposed, Comodo is not forwarding the port itself, it is just allowing it.
So, I only had to go to the connection properties, and on “Advanced” tab, define the port forward. As I had allowed the port previoulsy, it worked immediatelly! :o)

Following that, I saw a rule automatically created I didn’t liked: allow any port to any port, from any IP to any IP (in/out)… So I deleted it :stuck_out_tongue: I lost internet connectivity on my browser ehehehe.

It was a very good way to learn a bit more about this software… Looking at logs to find out what is being blocked, and allow only the necessary rules for it. Had to do this to access DNS, and allow port 80 and 443, among some other things.

Thanks everyone. I am really loving this firewall. Not so easy-to-use, but still very interesting!

Glad to hear you finally got it working as intended. Nothing beats the feeling of solving a nagging problem yourself. Glad you looked at the logs, eh? :wink: