Port descriptions and what function do they do

Is there a good site to read up on IP ports? I just want to know what they do.

For example, I see on my log: Access Denied, IP =, Port = 60200. What is Port 60200?

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Best i could come up with,

hope this helps http://www.good-stuff.co.uk/useful/portfull.php

Thanks … wow, that’s a lot of private/dynamic ports. Lots of unknown … :frowning:

I was kinda hoping it will tell me something, i.e., which app is using it, etc.

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I can’t find any info at all on port 60200??

i tried this link http://wiki.wireshark.org/PortReference

but still drew a blank… (:AGY)

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let me know if u find out?im interested now

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Generally speaking, ratified services run over ports from 0 to 1056 only. Ports above 1056 (known as ephemeral ports) are usually used as response ports or used by application software. I don’t know of anything that specifically uses port 60200, but something obviously does. :wink:

Network Sorcery maintain a great list with explanations, but most of their explanations are for ratified, standard ports (http://www.networksorcery.com/enp/protocol/ip/ports00000.htm)

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Thanks everyone for the responses. You guys are great. (R)

Sometimes, the more you know, the more you tend to look for things that may not have explanations. Anyway, that port has been continuously been bombarded by different IP using UDP protocol like (Jonesboro, AR), (Atlanta, GA), (Orlando, FL), etc.

It’s blocked but I don’t understand. Something must be sending outbound data for these machines to be trying to connect to my PC. The problem with the Comodo Firewall is that the outbound logs are not static like the inbound logs are. Once the application logs off, the history is gone.

Do you run any P2P applications? If so, what port is configured to receive requests on?

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